GRWM: Everyday Makeup

Hello, darlings!

It feels weird to be back (especially after saying I would start writing again about six months ago), but here I am!

The other day, after my friend and I submitted our project for my English Lit class, I started reminiscing about my ideas for starting a Youtube channel. Next thing I knew, I was setting up my camera and filming myself slap on some makeup!

Here’s the video for those of you who are interested to watch.

Get Ready With Me – Everyday Makeup

Forgive my slip-ups (such as the clips that are out of focus), it is after all my first video and I hardly knew what I was doing. But, regardless, I hope you guys like my video!

Information on the products and other things are listed in the downbar, but if you have any further questions, you can comment either here or on my channel.

I’ve got a few more videos coming up, but if you have any blog entries or videos you want to see, just let me know. :)


With love,



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Haha, great to see you again around these parts! ;)

    1. theunicahija says:

      Thank you! It’s a great feeling <3

    1. theunicahija says:

      Thank you so much! <3

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