Collective Beauty Haul || March 2014

Hello, darlings!

Today at the mall, I passed by this little stand that resells beauty items purchased abroad. I was slightly skeptical because the stand was a little disorganised, but the products seemed legit, so I do think that I’ll be going back again at some point. And, I bought a few bits from the drugstore sometime before Valentine’s Day, so I decided to share it with you guys in a haul! I’ve been trying out most of the items, so I know by now which ones I really like and which ones… not so much.
I went a bit foundation and lip product crazy, but what woman doesn’t do that sometimes, right?


1. Maybelline Color Elixirs in Glam 12 & 13 – These are actually called Lip Polishes over here, but I do think they’re called Elixirs in other countries. But anyway. #13 is definitely my favourite because it’s a nude pinky brown shade, which is totally up my street. I’m not a huge fan of super glossy lips though, which this gives, but in this shade, I really really love it. It’s been in my makeup bag this whole month, and I use it every single day. It stays glossy for quite a long time and fades pretty nicely. I picked up the red one as well because the rest of the shades weren’t as nice (for me), and I thought I’d get one nude and one bright just to test it out. #12 transferred onto my chin somehow (don’t even ask!), so I’m kinda scared to try that again. I’m also not used to glossy red lips, so that’s staying the drawer for now.

2. Revlon Matte Balms in Standout and Sultry – For this one, I am so in love with the red shade (Standout). It’s like, the perfect matte red lip that doesn’t stain your teeth or transfer on your chin (humph!). Maybe I just prefer matte red lips? But anyway, it’s not drying at all which I’m really happy about. Longevity wise, I’d say it’s the same as the original Kissable Balm Stains, where they fade after a couple of hours. I don’t mind reapplying though since it is quite a lovely shade. I’m slightly disappointed by Sultry though. I thought it would be a nice long lasting pinky brown nude shade, but it’s apparently a lot more plum than I’d like to wear on an everyday basis. Maybe next autumn when I feel like sporting a dark (but not super dark) lip. (Notice a pattern? :)) ) I might also go look into the Lacquer Balms next time, too. :)


3. Revlon Colorstay Lipgloss in 056 Embellished – I literally just used a magnifying glass to read the bottom since the product is so dark. But anyway, yay! This is the free lip gloss I got after purchasing a Revlon face product (a foundation below), and I absolutely adore this colour! It isn’t as dark on the lips, but it’s really pretty! I’ve always liked their lip glosses since they’re not sticky and they last a bit longer than others. I would have definitely paid for this even if it wasn’t on offer.


4. NYX Lip Pencil in 810 Natural – I’ve been on the hunt for a darker nude lip pencil since I ran out of my No7 one. This is slightly more nude than I was looking for, but it’s still a really nice and natural shade. It’s also not as drying as my MAC lip pencils, and it’s a lot creamier. I’m still going to keep looking for other lip pencils though.


5. Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 105 – I just bought this today and tried it on when I got home, and it’s another pinky brown nude lipstick. It’s slightly more plum than I expected, but I like it so far. It reminds me of my YSL Rouge Volupte in #3 because of the shade and the scent of the lipstick (kinda floral), except it’s less creamy and glossy. I’m still definitely going to buy #13 (pretty much the same colour, only slightly more glossy and less plum), as well as the other shades because the lipsticks are actually a pretty good formula. :)


6. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 180 Medium Beige – I already have this, and I love it, but it’s kind of my summer colour. I ended up getting this along with the Matte Balms since there was a promo where you get a free lipgloss when you purchase any face product, and I really liked the lipgloss. I’m happy since I finally have this in the right colour! It’s light on the skin and has enough coverage on good skin days.

7. Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily Skin in 380 Warm Golden – I bought this before, but again, it was the wrong shade, and my mom actually picked this up when she was in the US but forgot to give it to me. I actually really like this, and it’s a lot lighter than I expected. It also has really good coverage but doesn’t look like you have a ton of foundation on.

8. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation in Soft Honey– I honestly think that I have this in the wrong shade because the sales assistant was quite pushy and said that that was their darkest colour. I really wanted to try it, so I just said “What the hell.” I tried it on at home (in fluorescent lighting, what a mistake!) and liked the result. When I put it on in daylight, I was slightly horrified ‘cause it looked slightly dry and pasty! It’s very matte (which I actually like), but the colour match was so off. Now, I tend to mix this in with my The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream and I’ve been loving that combination since one’s darker and the other’s lighter, but both are pretty matte and natural looking. I’d still purchase a darker shade next time though since I actually like it, but I’m scared to try it on its own.


9. Color Club Nail Polishes – I don’t have the shade numbers for these since they ripped off with the seal, but I’m sure you’ll find something similar. I’m not a huge fan of the pinky one (maybe in the summer?) but the nude one is very nice. Whenever I want a more polished look on my nails, I’d wear this. The formula of the polish itself is a lot more runny than I’m used to, and slightly less pigmented (so more coats), but I’m not that bothered because I really like the shade. The brush is kinda thin but precise. It lasted me almost two weeks with slight chipping when I used a topcoat.

10. China Glaze Nail Polishes in Full Spectrum (Glitter) and Sweet Hook (Lilac) – China Glaze is probably one of my favourite nail polish brands because their formulas and brushes are really good. They also last quite a long time on my nails with only slight chipping. And I love that they’re usually very opaque with one application. I was very happy with this duo (I think it was the Spring Line or something) and it came with curved strips of sticker paper so you can do the reverse French Tip thing that’s trendy these days. I love the colours of both the lilac and the glitter together, and on their own. I’m wearing it right now and it’s so pretty!


11. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush – I’ve been on the hunt for a dry shampoo this month since I’ve recently dyed my hair (ombre, so they bleached it. Nooo) and the lady told me not to wash my hair everyday. I honestly can’t do that. I feel so gross when I don’t wash my hair, so I thought this would be a better alternative. I saw this in the stall so I thought “It’s meant to be!” It smells really good, but I haven’t tried this out just yet since my hair’s clean today. I’ll update you guys if I like it or not. :) I’m still thinking about buying the Lush Powder Dry Shampoo though…


12. Bioderma – Oh, the queen of all the purchases I’ve made. Finally, I have you in my arms again! I loved this when I purchased this a couple of years ago and was gutted when I ran out. It’s so hard to get a hold of, so I nearly wet myself when I saw this big bottle in the stall. The seal wasn’t broken, so no worries about it being used or fake. I’m really excited to use this again because yay, another thing to add to my skincare routine!

And that’s all the things from my haul! I really should stop spending, but it’s my birthday month so I keep trying to justify my purchases as birthday presents. You guys should keep an eye out for a Sephora Haul (my aunt’s in the US, so she and my parents agreed to tick off a few things from my wish list) as well as a Hair Update since (like I mentioned) I just dyed my hair along with a makeup look. O:) 

If you guys have any more recommendations for items I should get, go ahead! I might still be able to justify them this month, and I don’t think I’ll be spending until after a long time (as I should!). I think I saw a few skincare and makeup bits in that stall that I might go back for. We’ll see. :) I hope you guys enjoyed!

With love,



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    Love it!!! What store is this, btw? :D

    1. theunicahija says:

      It’s this little stall (inside another store) in Trinoma near the Starbucks on the second floor. :D The items are kind of limited and slightly dodgy looking, but it seems legit. Hehehe. :D

  2. koofa says:

    Nice haul! I really want to try those Color Elixirs! And that Covergirl Outlast is definitely not the darkest color available! I just did a search for a new drugstore foundation a couple weeks ago and that was one of the ones I tried – #857 is the next shade after & it was a little too orange for me, but #855 looked way too light for me, so I didn’t try it.

    1. theunicahija says:

      Thank you! And you should definitely try them. They’re super good! :) Yeah, I had a feeling she was just trying to make a sale or it’s the darkest colour they stock, which would both be annoying. I’m sure you’ll find better foundations, it’s fine. :)

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