Back to School: School Bag + Desk Essentials Checklist

Hello, darlings!

This is going to be the last instalment of my back to school series, (cue: sad music) and for today, I prepared a list of all the things you need for your school bag and/or your study area at home. Oh, and check out Skye’s blog! She’s doing a back to school series as well. :D

This may be a lot for some of you, but personally, I like shopping and keeping school supplies. I’ve always been the girl scout at school and I’m always prepared for everything and anything. Besides, you never know when you’re going to need these since most of them are really handy! And, this applies to all year levels.

I’ve been using this list for years and I would now like to share it with you guys!


Weee I made this collage myself. Hahaha. I’m too proud. :P

School Bag

□        Pen

□        Pencil

□        Pencil Sharpener

□        Eraser

□        Lead

□        Correction Fluid

□        Colored Pens (Color coding your notes really helps!)

□        Highlighter

□        Permanent Marker

□        Colored Pencils (if you get artsy at school)

□        Stapler

□        Staples

□        Tape (Masking Tape and Scotch Tape are ideal)

□        Glue Stick/White Glue

□        Scissors

□        Hole Puncher (Either a three-hole punch or a mini one)

□        Paper Clips

□        Ruler

□        Rubber Bands

□        Post-Its/Tabs

□        Flashdrive (This is a must-have for EVERYONE!)


□        Notebook

□        Planner/Agenda/Organizer (Whatever you call it, this is THE ULTIMATE in organizing your life!)

□        Binders

□        Dividers


□        Accordion Envelope

*Girly Emergencies Supplies Kit

□        Hair Ties/Headbands

□        Lipbalm

□        Small Mirror

□        Bandaids

□        Hairbrush/Comb (I don’t bring this since I hardly ever brush my hair anyway)

□        Tissue (You never know when snot’ll come out of your nose while laughing)


□        Wet Wipes

□        Alcohol/Hand Sanitizer

□        Mini-Perfume/Body Spray

□        Medicine

□        Umbrella

□        Pepperspray/Swiss Knife

*Daily Essentials

□        Wallet/Purse

□        Keys

□        Phone

□        iPod

□        Wallet

□        Gum

□        Sunglasses

Now, you don’t have to carry all of this in your bag. Of course, I do. Haha. I just buy mini-supplies so that they’re not difficult to lug around, and then I separate my writing utensils and emergency supplies in two different pencil cases.

Actually no, right now I just bring a pen and a notebook since I only have one class per day this semester. Hehe.


I wish my desk looked this pristine. -_-

Desk Supplies

□        White Paper

□        Lined Paper

□        Graph Paper

□        Index Cards (Great for flashcards!)

□        Printer (unless you prefer printing in internet shops)

□        Calculator/Scientific Calculator (Depending on what year you’re in)

□        Ink

□        Blank CDs

□        External Hard Drive (Just in case your laptop dies, you have backups of all your files!)

□        Brown Envelopes

□        White Folders (with plastic casing)

□        Sheet Protectors

□        Report Covers

□        Fasteners

□        Protractor

□        Compass

□        Bulletin Board (Or a Whiteboard, so you can write little notes to yourself)

□        Pushpins

□        Extra Notebook (For doodling, or additional notes)

□        A backup of all the stuff you bring in your school bag

Guys, take note, all these things are optional. If you don’t feel comfortable buying all of these things, it’s fine. Just tick off the things that suit your needs. I keep this list because it suits mine, so adjust it to your liking.

If you like this list and think this is helpful, or you think I’m missing some things, go ahead and comment them below!

And also, I was thinking of doing a video on this—a “What’s in My School Bag” type of video—possibly as my first ever Youtube video. What do you guys think? I really wanna do it and I’ve already prepared the bits I’m going to show, but hm…

But anyway, thanks for reading you guys! :D

With love,



16 Comments Add yours

  1. I don’t want to go back to school yet! ! But fun article and I would definitely do the YouTube video, sometimes you just have to do things :D

    1. theunicahija says:

      Hahaha, you’re telling me! I’ve been suffering fior the past two months! (Sorta. Hehe) Yay! That’s one vote and it counts! Hahaha. I’ll prepare for it then! ;) Thank you! :)

  2. pratheeksha says:

    i have a doubt how to arrange my bag neatly

    1. lakshmirani says:


  3. NoaNutellaNutty says:

    thank you so much for this list. I’m about to go shopping for school supplies and this really helped. thank you!

    1. theunicahija says:

      You are very welcome! I love making lists and shopping for school, I just had to share it with you guys! :)

  4. Marie says:

    ThankYou!! This was by far the best article and the most helpful and honestly ive read soooooooo many and this is one of the top 3 ❤

    1. theunicahija says:

      You’re sweet, I’m glad I could help! Have fun at school! ;)

      1. Marie says:

        Soo nervous ❤ thnks for ur help anywayss 💗

  5. Isabel says:

    Why would you need a swiss knife or pepper spray??

    1. theunicahija says:

      In case of any harm that may come upon us (touch wood). It’s better to be safe and be prepared. At least we’ll have some form of defense, right?

      1. AwesomeA says:

        Too right! Better safe than sorry! Anyway this is so helpful as I have no clue on how to organise it cause I’m staring high school in September. thanks and do a YouTube video, I’ll definitely subscribe!

        1. theunicahija says:

          I’m glad you found it helpful, and good luck when school starts! I hope I’ll be able to post a video by then. Thank you again <3

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