Forever and Always

I was seven when I first laid my eyes on you, and since then, I’ve never looked back. People made fun of me for obsessing over you at such a young age, but I ignored them and the way they mocked me by saying “He doesn’t even know you exist!” I have loved you everyday for the past twelve years, and I’ve watched you grow into the amazing man that you are now. I’ve never stopped loving you and I don’t think I ever will. A lot of other guys may have caught my fancy, but I always stayed true and always came back to you. You are the reason I am the Julia that I am today, and you have touched my life in a way that I can’t even begin to describe. You inspire me. I still hold on to that hope that our paths will someday cross, and you’ll fall helplessly in love with me, and I will brush off the fact that you’re three inches shorter than I am. I look forward to our wedding day. (Yes, I am still holding onto that hope)
I love you, Daniel Radcliffe. Happy birthday.

(Is this creepy? I don’t think so.)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha, we all have our fav celebs. Nothing creepy with that. LOL!

    1. theunicahija says:

      There are others, but he’s my number one if not my one and only. Hahaha. Hey, I followed your blog by the way! Potterhead! \m/

      1. Jeyna Grace says:

        Haha, thanks! Potterheads ftw!

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