Hey, there! Hi, there! Ho, there!

(If you get that reference, good for you!)

How do I begin my first ever blog post?

Oh, I know!

Let me start by introducing myself (as research suggested that that is what I should do).

My name is Julia, I’m 18 years old, and I’m studying in the University of the Philippines, Diliman (from the College of Arts and Letters). As I am obviously new to this whole professional blogging shenanigan, I hope you don’t mind much if I ever come across as an amateurish writer (even though that is completely true). The main reason I caved in and began this blog is because I personally believe that it was high time I shared my thoughts with strangers such as yourselves, rather than remain the scared little girl posting long status messages on Facebook (even though I still am). Also, a lot of bloggers inspired me to do this as well.

I don’t plan on writing continuously about one specific thing because personally, I’m a little nosy and I like reading and talking about everything. With that said, I want to write about my interests which I think most members of the female species also enjoy:

a. Beauty (Makeup, Skincare)

– I’m definitely no expert, but I am quite a bit obsessed with makeup (and the occasional skincare bit) and would gladly share with you the things I’ve learned throughout the years!

b. Fashion (Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories)

– This is my mother’s fault. I also have an unhealthy obsession with shopping and you might be interested in the way I dress. Just a warning, I’m not at all into following trends. I know what I like and I will wear it no matter what the season is.

c. Entertainment (Books, Movies, TV Shows, Theater, Music)

– As a normal human being, I am very fond of watching and listening to various artists and performers. Also, as an enthusiast of the arts, I have a lot to say about these things.

d. Food (Restaurants, Recipes)

– Jamie Oliver can suck it (just kidding). I like to cook and bake when I can be bothered, so if I come across any recipes I like, I’ll put it on here. But, for the most part, my family and I like to go out to eat to lots of different restaurants so I will recommend loads for those of you who enjoy food as much as I do.

e. Random (This will mostly be about my personal life)

– Last but not the least, my favorite topic: myself! Too narcissistic? I like to talk about myself and I will tell you guys now that I do love myself a lot and think that my life is horrendously interesting (or so I believe). It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and I honestly think it’s a good trick to keep yourself happy with your life.

And if you guys would like for me to talk about other things, feel free to ask! I’m also interested in making videos, so go ahead and tell me if you’d like that as well.

Next, as I’ve mentioned before, I am new to the blogging industry. But, I think that I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was about 10, and started sharing my thoughts with people ever since I began to talk intelligibly (around 4-5 years old?). In high school, I regularly posted personal blogs on my Multiply back when it was still trendy, and I did get a lot of good feedback, but then Facebook happened and I stopped writing long entries. I currently have both a Facebook and a Twitter account, and I update both regularly. That’s mostly all I can say about my writing experience.

I like to believe I’m a jack of all trades. I like to talk (which is why I write in the first place). I’m very observant. I have a knack for artsy things such as singing, acting, drawing. A lot of my friends say I’m funny. I’m crazy beyond belief (you don’t even want to know about the things I get up to offline). I’m both a hard worker  (when I actually care about the thing I’m doing) and a lazy jackass (when I can’t be bothered to move my butt off the bed). I’m a fast learner when I have to be. I’m a bit of a feminist. Oh, and my only vice is swearing. I really like to curse a lot, but I will try to tone it down for any younger or profanity-sensitive audiences.

For those of you who are as nosy as I am, I am also the youngest of three siblings (I have two older brothers, which explains why my name is ‘the unica hija’) and I live with my parents in Manila. I am currently single (yes, I am working on it). And Dawson isn’t really my last name.

Hm, according to research, that’s basically all I need to say in my introductory post. I hope you’ve enjoyed so far and that you look forward to my future entries.

Fare thee well! (Damn, that’s lame. If you come up with a better parting phrase than that, go ahead and tell me.)

With love,



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